CNN analyst unwisely decides to use Kentucky basketball metaphor while discussing Syria – For The Win

We all know Kentucky’s basketball reputation in recent years under John Calipari has been cemented: Many of their star players come in as freshmen and leave for the NBA after just one year, which has been nicknamed “one and done.”

But is using that phrase during coverage of the United States’ missile strikes in Syria the best way to go?

That’s what retired Major General James Marks did while speaking with Anderson Cooper on Thursday — he dropped this reference to Wildcats hoops on the air to say this was just the start in Syria:

“My point is, this not like Kentucky basketball, one and done. This is the start of a series of operations.”

I’d say it’s not the best time to be dropping that one. Here’s a sampling of the reaction to the retired general:

For more on the conflict in Syria, head over to USA TODAY.

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