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A Houston teenager who lost a bet on a basketball game followed through on his promise last week when he allowed his friends to duct tape him to a street sign.

Seventeen-year-old Miguel Chavez gained attention, and confusion, from quite a few Houston drivers as he remained helplessly attached to a yield sign positioned next to an intersection near the highway. Apparently, at least one good Samaritan was concerned enough to call the police, who arrived on scene shortly after.

Chavez said on his Instagram  that he was taped to the pole for about 30 minutes before police helped him down. He noted that none of the passers-by wanted anything to do with it.

“No one wanted to help me down,” he said.

(Video Courtesy: @myhouseiscleann/ @myhouseisdirty)

As Houston Police showed up on scene, more confusion escalated the situation when Chavez’s friend showed up with a knife to cut Chavez down.

“Drop the knife or I’ll tase you,” the officer warned before Chavez explained it was his friend, according to CBS News.

Chavez told another user on Instagram that he had made a bet with a friend that the Houston Rockets would beat the Golden State Warriors that night. The Warriors won 113-106. He had two equally poor options if he lost: get duct-taped to a street sign or get duct-taped to the hood of a car. A coin flip determined his fate.

Though the police were kind enough to help Chavez down and even give him a ride home, they also gave him a warning about the incident.

As for Chavez, he doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

“[I]t will always be Rockets Nation,” he wrote.

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