LIGHTER NOTE: Pat Boone, baseball bat beer, and spiders in your car – Fox News

Pat Boone defends the President, a spider causes vehicular mayhem, and baseball bats wind up in your beer — all in today’s Lighter Note.

Entertainment + Celebs

Pat Boone: Hollywood wants to ‘vilify’ and ‘ridicule’ Trump

“The fact that he is the President of The United States does not earn him any respect at all. In fact it just makes him an easy target,” Boone told us.

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Food + Drink

Atlanta Braves stadium to sell beer made with baseball bat shavings

When Atlanta’s new SunTrust Park opens for regular-season play on April 14, Braves fans will have the opportunity to experience baseball like never before.More specifically, they’ll be able to taste it.

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Cars + Trucks

Itsy bitsy spider blamed for big car crash

Even with all of today’s electronic gadgets being implicated in more and more car accidents, sometimes it’s the creepy old fashioned distractions that get you.

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House + Home

How to pull off a celebrity approved home renovation

Some celebrities have a reputation of being difficult to work with. But that’s not the case with “The Office” star Jenna Fischer, who wanted to surprise her sister Emily with a custom home makeover.

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Fitness + Wellness

Being single actually has some real health benefits

Research suggests a slew of benefits for those people in a happy and healthy relationship. But what about those of us who haven’t found our match — or are happy on our own?

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Style + Beauty

Millennials are in love with Botox

One of the country’s most popular lifestyle drugs turns 15 on Wednesday.

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