#snapshots: Wrestling season winding down – County 10

#snapshots, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental, is a series highlighting amazing athletic and competitive achievements from across County 10.

If you had a youngster in wrestling, or knew a wrestler, you know just how busy these kids were! Their weekends were full! Members of the Riverton USA Wrestling club have been traveling to tournaments every weekend all over the state for the past couple months.

According to Dustin McLaughlin, one of the Club volunteers, The Riverton Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization. “Our goals are teach 5-17 year old kids sportsmanship, advanced wrestling skill and most important is to have a fun opportunity.” If you got the chance to watch one of these energetic tournaments you saw just that, young wrestlers having a great time.

The wrestlers did very well at their home competition a few weeks ago. Wiley Philleo of Riverton finished 1st in Folkstyle and Freestyle. Weston McLaughlin of Riverton finished 2nd in Folkstyle and Freestyle against opponent Haden Blair of Thermopolis.

Ezra Hernandez of Riverton finished 2nd in Folkstyle and 4th in Freestyle. Drew Lynch also finished 2nd.

These wrestlers represented Fremont County by competing in many more tournaments around the state and they are looking forward to next year!

h/t Kelli Gard

Additional results from the Riverton tournament:

Pee Wee: 1st place Tracen Barton; 3rd place Braxton Watts; 5th place Dasyn Taylor; 3rd place Collin Thompson; 5th Place Kary Garrett; 3rd Place Jordan Hanson; 3rd place Jon Cox; 1st place Noah Despain

Bantam: 4th place Quentin Roemmich; 3rd place Zachery Thornock; 1st place Jose Torres; 3rd place Jayden Olheiser; 5th place Pryce Wiginton; 3rd place Kaiden Perry; 4th place Jose Guerrero; 3rd place Corbin Weber; 4th place Dennis Thornock; 5th place Jacob Dunlavy; 3rd place Cade Anderson; 4th place Dredyn Duran; 4th place Riddick Robinson; 1st place Korbin Styvar;

Intermediate: 1st place Brandon Thompson; 4th place Brody Shepard; 4th place Kolton Martinez; 1st place Gavin Keugeler; 2nd place Enoch Hernandez; 4th place Cavell Munda; 2nd place Konnor Frost; 3rd place Payton Larsen; 1st place Trenton Weber; 1st place Wiley Philleo; 2nd place Weston McLaughlin; 4th Rhodi Brow; 4th place Dane Cox; 2nd place Isaiah Remacle; 1st place Mason Spoonhunter; 2nd place Patrik Thayer

Novice: 2nd place Jackson Larsen; 4th place Remyngton Martinez; 2nd place Ezra Hernandez; 2nd place Drew Lynch; 1st place Stavin Pierson; 1st place Kyler Graham; 4th place Talon Thoman; 5th place Michael Munda; 4th place Zachary Schamber; 3rd place Julian Cabello; 2nd place Ryan Watson; 2nd place Zaryc Prosser; 3rd place Isreal Topaum; 3rd place Connor Shoopman; 4th place Kennedy Prom; 2nd place Brad Connolly; 4th place Kamden Hinkle; 2nd place Kaden Graham; 1st place Elijah Hernandez; 3rd place Daxton Fischer;

Cadet: 2nd place Caden Thoman; 2nd place Brad Stingley; 3rd place Savannah Cabello

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