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Chess is a thinking man’s game. It means that to play it well, you’ve got to be all intellectual and smart and stuff. Even kings play it – with real people on their lawn. You have to have a classy chess set if you want to keep up appearances. Well, this Stained Glass Chess Set is ohhhh so pretty and expensive looking. Classy as hell. And glassy as hell.

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Game designer KnowNothing_JonSnoo received it as a birthday gift from his father, who is a stained glass artist. I would be too afraid that I would break it if I played a game on it’s lovely surface. Sure enough, he keeps it on a high shelf when he’s not playing with it for now, but one day it will have its own dedicated table when his sons grow up enough not to trash it.

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That is one beautiful chess set.

[via Reddit via Neatorama]

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