Vermont's wrestling future in Vergennes – WCAX


The site of the varsity wrestling championships in February hosted the youth wrestling state championships on Saturday. More than 160 young wrestlers from 3rd to 6th grade competed to be state champs in their respective age class.  

“A lot of these kids put in a lot of extra time, two or three days a week practicing,” Vermont Youth Wrestling President, Chris Isham said.  “They work out at home on their own and they have one goal, they want to be a state champ.”

Isham’s father and some friends started this event back in 1979.  The youth championships allow a new generation to get some exposure to the sport before reaching the high school level.

“How important in the scheme of things is being a third grade state champ as far as where you’re gonna go in college? Not huge, but it’s nice to see that we have kids in this state with the drive and determination to really want to win and be champions,”  Isham said.

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